Three NFL Players Took a Knee on Veterans Day

posted by Christopher W. Holton
Three NFL players, including Eric Reid, took a knee on Veterans Day…and I have HAD IT with the NFL. The league and its players are being dishonest AND dishonorable in this case and, though this is not directly related to Jihad, I feel compelled to comment on this whole stupid saga.
NFL players are trying to change the facts of their disrespect for the flag and the national anthem after the fact. Colin Kaepernick started all this and his protest was NOT misunderstood, despite what the players may say today.
At the same time he was drawing attention to himself with his disrespect for the flag and the anthem, he was going around WEARING A FIDEL CASTRO T-SHIRT.
Fidel Castro was no champion of human rights. He was a Communist dictator. So, no one can tell me that this all started as a misunderstood effort to bring attention to police brutality or oppression or any such nonsense.
That is all a pack of lies.
Kaepernick was and is simply an anti-American Left-wing agitator and those who have followed in his path, particularly Eric Reid, should rightfully be categorized as such until such time that they rebuke Kaepernick and his demonstrations.
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