Latest Threatening Communique from the Islamic State


by Christopher W. Holton

The Islamic State’s media arm, al-Hayat, has released the second issue of their magazine, named Rumiyah.

Rumiyah means “Rome,” indicative of the Jihadists’ oft-stated goal of taking control of the perceived capital of the Christian world.

Different versions of the magazine were released in English, French, German, Indonesian, Pashto, Russian, Turkish & Uighur. The content is evidently quite varied between the languages.

The English language version urges more knife attacks on lone individuals and small crowds near riversides, parks and beaches near night clubs. It specifically calls for “gruesome” attacks to instill fear.

The magazine also instructs knife Jihadis to leave behind some kind of evidence or logo to identify an attack as an Islamic State attack.

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  • M.D. Edwards retired army  On 1 OctpmWed, 05 Oct 2016 14:45:55 -06002016-10-05T14:45:55-06:0002 2009 at 14:45

    ” Caliphate converts are told of 12th imam Messiah soon to rize upon the scene giving hope to all who will serve his false kingdom. Although the cause may be world domination —the bitter end is sure. JEHOVAH still sits on the throne waiting to avenge his chosen people and correct the worlds greed,lust ,unfair treatment and dictatorship anarchy rule. Islamic activity has a time limit. Yashua will return to intervene before man anhilliates himself from exsistance.”so every soul as a battlefield will one day fall silent._._.Forevermore !!!


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