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Useful Idiots in the Western Media

On Thursday, 1 May, the U.S. struck a blow against Al Qaeda by killing the terrorist network’s leader in the beleaguered nation of Somalia.

Now, Al Qaeda is retaliating, not with violence, but retaliating nonetheless in the war of ideas. And they are doing so with an able assist from elements within the Western media:

AFP Dutifully Reports for Al Qaeda

The article at the link is interesting and disturbing for 3 reasons:

1. The reporter was NOT on the scene of the so-called protest.

2. His main source for details on the protest has ties to Al Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups.

3. The reporter parroted Al Qaeda disinformation claiming the US used some type of chemical or biological agent in its strike killing the leader of Al Qaeda in Somalia.

It would be hard to imagine this kind of “journalism” in World War II. The equivalent at that time would have the reporter interviewing Nazi collaborators for information on an event that occurred in a city 250 miles away from an event.

This is not objective journalism. The objective journalist has a necessary level of skepticism and is naturally inquisitive. The author of this article is content to just report what Al Qaeda and its mouthpieces tell him.

Terror Trends Bulletin Blog Launched

This is the launch of the TerrorTrendsBulletin blog to accompany the e-letter that has been published for the past 2 years.

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