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At what point does someone who was a complete screw-up become a recognized expert in the field in which he proved a failure?

This question might seem subjective, but we now have concrete numbers with which to answer this question. The answer is 28 years. How do we know?

Because former US national security adviser in the Carter administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is now dispensing advice to Israel and America on how to deal with Iran.


When this man starts giving advice on Iran, RUN AWAY!

When this man starts giving advice on Iran, RUN AWAY!

In this case, “Zbig” has offered his customary wrongheaded advice to Israel and the United States when it comes to dealing with Iran, as quoted by Iranian PressTV News:

“[The military option] is not a real option for the US and it is not a real option for Israel because Israel doesn’t have a capability to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities,” Brzezinski said in a weekend interview with Ha’aretz. 

He added that such an attack would wield together ‘Iranian nationalism and Iranian fundamentalism.’ 

The former aide to US President Jimmy Carter also advised Israeli officials against pressuring the US for a military strike against Iran, because it may affect the relations between Washington and Tel Aviv. 

“One [piece of] advice that I would give the Israeli government is not to engage in this campaign for an American attack on Iran, because I don’t think America is going to attack Iran, and if it did, and the consequences would be disastrous,” said Brzezinski. 

These comments no doubt give great comfort to the genocidal maniacs who are running things in Tehran. 

No one is saying that the US or Israel should overtly threaten Iran, much less launch an attack of some sort on its nuclear facilities, but the LAST thing we want to do is to remove the military option from the table. We are all better off if a rogue nation like Iran, which, by the way, has been killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan by arming our enemies, has a glimmer of doubt as to our capabilities and intentions.

The folks who ran foreign policy for Jimmy Carter, the worst president of my lifetime, never learned this lesson and their dismal performance is increasingly forgotten as the years march on. Most troubling is that Brzezinski was one of the closest foreign policy and national security advisors to Barack Obama during the election campaign. It’s never a good thing when your adversary’s state-run media is quoting your president’s top foreign policy advisors. Let’s hope that there are others who are giving Obama better advice, but I doubt it.


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