Monthly Archives: October 2008

SOCOM heliborne operation into Syria indicates that nation’s status as serial terror sponsor

By now everyone knows that the US conducted a crossborder air assault from western Iraq into Syria on Sunday. Reports indicate that the leader of Al Qaeda in Syria was the target and he was in fact killed, which is good news indeed. Additionally, it has been reported today that two enemy were taken prisoner in this operation.

Hopefully this will produce a treasure trove of intelligence for future operations.

Even absent future intelligence, this shows the extent to which Syria was aiding and abetting Al Qaeda, which the US military has been saying for at least 3 years.

Given this cooperation and sheltering of Al Qaeda, combined with Syria’s direct sponsorship and aid for Hezbollah and HAMAS, two other major Jihadist terrorist organizations, it is plain that Syria is a serial terrorist sponsor, along the lines of Iran. The major difference between the two is that Iran is awash in petrodollars and Syria is not.

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