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Abu Sayyaf co-founder pleads guilty in US federal court

Madhatta Haipe

A founding member of the Philippine Jihadist terrorist organization Abu Sayyaf pled guilty today in federal court in Washington, DC to the 1995 kidnapping of 16 people, including four US citizens.

Madhatta Haipe, a Philippine citizen who was extradited to the United States in 2009, pled guilty to four counts of hostage taking and faces up to 25 years in prison as part of a plea agreement, according to the Justice Department.

Haipe admitted organizing the kidnap of four US citizens, one US permanent resident and 11 Philippine citizens in December 1995 near remote waterfalls on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

Abu Sayyaf  is designated terrorist organization by the US, and was founded in the 1990s with funding from Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda-network to fight for an independent Islamic state in the south of mostly Catholic Philippines.

The Jihadist terrorists of Abu Sayyaf often resort to hostage taking, mostly targeting foreigners and Christians, to raise money from ransoms. Failure to pay ransoms often results in the beheading of the hostages.

Abu Sayyaf is also capable of much larger attacks, such as the bombing of a ferry in Manila Bay in 2004 that killed more than 100 and was the Philippines’ worst terrorist attack.

Hopefully, Haipe will not be allowed to proselytize during his 25 year stay in US federal prison. He will be 73 years old when he gets out of prison, should he serve his full sentence.

Slain Indonesian Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorist Planned Attack on Singapore

A slain Indonesian terrorist planned to attack Singapore and a map with one of the city-state’s subway stations marked in red was found on his body after he was shot dead.

Ahmad Maulana’s plan came to light during the interrogation of Abdullah Sunata, Indonesia’s most-wanted terror suspect arrested last month in Central Java.

Abdullah Sunata

Maulana, who is said to have received training in the southern Philippines, was fatally shot during a police raid in the capital Jakarta in May. He was accused of involvement in a jihadist training camp in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

Both Sunata and Maulana were members of the Southeast Asian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, which was responsible for the 2002 Bali, Indonesia bombing which killed 202 mostly Australian tourists.

The Singapore Metro Subway System

Japanese tanker damaged in Strait of Hormuz

The Japanese oil tanker M Star was damaged in an explosion in the Strait of Hormuz today. It is unclear what the cause of the explosion was.

A crewman reported seeing a flash on the horizon just prior to the explosion, suggesting an attack, however, Omani authorities are saying there is no evidence of an attack, blaming an “earthquake” for the explosion.

We’ve heard a lot of bullcrap in our time, but this “earthquake” causing an explosion on a supertanker theory might be the most absurd thing we’ve ever heard.

Fortunately, there were no casualties and no oil leaked into the Persian Gulf.

A terrorist attack on an oil tanker in the region is certainly not unprecedented. In October 2002, Al Qaeda carried out a seaborne Islamikaze attack on the French tanker Limburg, killing one of its crew and punching a hole in its hull.

French tanker Limburg burns after October 2002 terrorist attack

Alaskan Jihadist Plots to Assassinate Americans, Gets 8 Year Sentence

In yet another sign that we have lost our minds (and other bodily organs) in America, we have this recent case in Alaska in which a Muslim follower of Anwar al-Awlaki compiled a list of 15 Americans to assassinate, conducted research into improvised explosive devices and discussed it all on Jihadi internet forums–and was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his crimes.

Will this man, Paul Gene Rockwood, Jr., aka “Bilal,” abandon his Jihadist beliefs during his stay in prison, or will his Jihadist tendencies be reinforced behind bars, like so many other cases?

20-year-old charged with providing material support to al-Shahab

Federal agents arrested 20-year-old Zachary Chesser on Wednesday, after a months-long investigation into at least two alleged attempts to join the Somalia-based group al-Shabaab, which has been fighting to establish a strict Muslim state in Somalia and has pledged its allegiance to Usama bin Laden. Chesser is now charged with providing material support to a terrorist group.

During several interviews with the FBI over the past year, Chesser — also known as “Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee” — told agents he tried to go to Somalia at least twice to join al-Shabaab as a “foreign fighter,” according to prosecutors.

Most recently, on July 10, he and his infant son were prevented from boarding a flight from New York to Uganda because Chesser was on the “no fly” list. Chesser told FBI agents he hoped his son would act as a “cover” for his travels, prosecutors said.

Chesser “effectively confessed” to the charges against him, Gibbs told Davis on Monday.

Hezbollah poses growing threat south of the border

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., recently sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking it to form a task force to investigate growing ties between Hezbollah and the drug cartels as well as growing evidence of a Hezbollah presence in Mexico.

Myrick says Farsi tattoos have been found on members of drug gangs in U.S. prisons. Farsi is the native language of Iran. She also raised concerns over Hezbollah’s training of Mexican cartels in making car bombs and in sophisticated tunneling techniques used in its war against Israel.

If the cartels are able to smuggle drugs and people into the U.S., it has not escaped the attention of groups like Hezbollah and al-Qaida that they are also capable of smuggling other things into the U.S. — like trained terrorists or the makings of a dirty bomb.

Zawahiri predicts Al Qaeda victory in Iraq and Afghanistan

A man identified as Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s No. 2 man, promises his followers victory in Afghanistan and Iraq, vowing that these wars will eventually lead to a battle to liberate Jerusalem, in an audio message posted Monday on jihadist websites.

Radical Islamists often use the Arab-Israeli struggle as a propaganda tool to recruit militants because they believe that Israel has no right to exist on what they consider to be Muslim and Arab land.

In the message, the speaker also says mujahedeens — Islamic militants backed by the Taliban and al Qaeda — are moving from one victory to another in Afghanistan against U.S.-led forces….

Al Qaeda attack kills 52 Iraqi military members

After a lull of more than a month, Al Qaida has resumed mass-casualty strikes on Iraq’s military.

A suicide bomber said to have been sent by Al Qaida blew himself up outside an Iraq Army office near Baghdad on July 18. Officials said at least 52 people, most of them lined up to receive their monthly salaries, were killed.

The attack took place in Radwaniya, located west of Baghdad. Officials said most of the casualties were members of the U.S.-sponsored Al Sahwa auxiliary police force, formed to fight Al Qaida.

It Gets WORSE: Try to Send M4s to Hezbollah, Get ONE Year in Prison

This is disheartening, not just because one criminal and one likely Hezbollah member will be out of prison in 12 and 18 months respectively, but because the US Justice Department is touting this in a press release as a victory against terrorism.

Let’s summarize what has happened here.

Michael Katz, 58, of Plainsboro, NJ, and Alaa Allia Ahmed Mohamed 44, of Brooklyn, NY participated in the purchase and transportation of purportedly stolen goods on numerous occasions. These goods were to support the Jihadist terrorist group, Hezbollah. This case was related to another case against four people, including Hassan Hodroj and Dib Hani Harb, who were charged with attempting to provide material support to Hizballah in the form of approximately 1,200 Colt M4 Carbines (machine guns).

Katz and Mohammed were sentenced to 12 months and 18 months respectively for their role in this activity. We suppose that this may have been part of some plea deal and perhaps these two will testify against the other defendants in these cases, but nevertheless, as far as we’re concerned, Hezbollah is an enemy of the United States (see our posts on Hezbollah in the Categories section on the left for more details) and aiding and abetting Hezbollah should be worth more than 12 and 18 months in prison.

We don’t know what the story is on this character Michael Katz, but it’s pretty clear what Alaa Allia Ahmed Mohamed is. Does DOJ think that this guy will emerge from federal prison in 18 months reformed and no longer a believer in Hezbollah’s Jihadist doctrine?

Again, why aren’t these people being brought up on more serious charges? At least, maybe we need new laws to increase sentences for these crimes when they involve terrorist groups. At best, someone at Justice needs to show a pair and think hard about trying people for treason again…

For Immediate Release
July 14, 2010
United States Attorney’s Office
Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Two Sentenced for Transporting Stolen Goods to Support Hizballah

PHILADELPHIA—Michael Katz, 58, of Plainsboro, NJ, and Alaa Allia Ahmed Mohamed, a/k/a “Alaa Ahmed Mohamed Abouelnagaa,” 44, of Brooklyn, NY, were sentenced today for conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods and trafficking in counterfeit goods, announced United States Attorney Zane David Memeger. Katz was sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison; Mohamed was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The charges against the two were filed in conjunction with a case against four people, including Hassan Hodroj and Dib Hani Harb, who were charged with attempting to provide material support to Hizballah in the form of approximately 1,200 Colt M4 Carbines (machine guns).

In late 2007, Katz and Mohamed participated in the purchase and transportation of purportedly stolen goods on numerous occasions. These stolen goods included cellular telephones, laptop computers, Sony Play Station 2 systems, and automobiles, which the conspirators caused to be transported to destinations outside Pennsylvania, including overseas.

In addition to the prison sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Stewart Dalzell ordered Katz to pay a fine in the amount of $1,000 and ordered Mohamed to pay a fine in the amount of $250.

The charges against Katz, Mohamed, and four conspirators, were filed in November 2010. Katz pleaded guilty March 4, 2010. Mohamed pleaded guilty April 9, 2010.

RIDICULOUS Prison Sentences for Chicago Al Qaeda Members

Cousins Zubair Ahmed, 31, of North Chicago, Ill., and Khaleel Ahmed, 29, of Chicago, are Al Qaeda members who have been convicted of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists this week.

Zubair was sentenced to 10 years in prison and Khaleel was sentenced to 8 years and 4 months.

This joke of a punishment for members of Al Qaeda would be funny if this wasn’t so serious.

Here we have members of a Jihadist organization dedicated to the destruction of the United States and to killing Americans and they will be out of prison by the time they are 41 and 38 respectively?

Does anyone else see the problem with this?

Are we to believe that two committed Jihadis who joined and supported an organization with the goals and track record of Al Qaeda will have learned their lesson through a stay in federal prison and get out docile and no longer committed to Jihad?

Does anyone at the Justice Department understand Jihad at all?

Why weren’t these men tried for treason? How many Americans do Al Qaeda and other Jihadist organizations have to kill and maim in order for us to recognize that they are at war with us and they are the ENEMY and not just some really bad international crime gang?

This is yet another example of why trying to deal with Jihad as if this was not a war but rather a law enforcement problem will not work.

These two men will go to prison, where they will be free to practice their faith and will meet up with others with similar views, possibly including some of the prison imams who harbor Jihadist tendencies. Chances are good that Zubair and Khaleel Ahmed will not emerge in a decade as reformed Jihadists, but as hardened Jihadists. That is certainly not unheard of among Muslims and Muslim converts in our prison system. In fact, rather than the prison system having a calming effect on these two guys, it is just as likely that they will influence their fellow inmates and spread Jihad to other violent offenders.

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