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Uganda Jihad Attack Updates

By now, TTB readers already know that Al Qaeda-affiliated  Al Shahab operating out of Somalia is taking responsibility for the bomb attacks in Uganda which have so far claimed 74 lives. This TTB posting will include links to various updates and analyses of the attacks.

Newsweek has a pretty good, concise summary of the attack, with a video report embedded:

Dan Morrison has a particularly lousy analysis over on Slate, in which he essentially says that Uganda brought this on itself. He has fallen into the usual trap which says that the Jihadists act in response to actions of others. The fact of the matter is, Uganda had already been impacted by the Jihadist violence in Somalia as refugees spilled over their border before they sent troops to Mogadishu to attempt to bring some semblance of stability to the failed state. For that matter, Uganda had also been impacted by Jihadist activity in Sudan similarly…

The Telegraph points out that the Uganda attacks initially targeted Ethiopians in Uganda. It also mentions that Somalia seems to be turning into a petrie dish of Jihadi activity with terrorists streaming in from Iraq and Afghanistan. (We might also add that there is at least one Jihadi from the exotic, far-off land known as Alabama as well.) That Somalia may turn into a staging area for Jihad was a concern as long ago as 2002-2003 when US amphibious forces and German naval units initially set up offshore but did not take action and eventually withdrew from the area…

Bloomberg mentions that Burundi may be the next nation on Al Shahab’s hit list, since that nation has 2500 peacekeepers in Somalia…

It should come as no surprise that an Al Qaeda affiliate targeted World Cup fans. There have been plots and rumors of plots to target the World Cup for a few months…

Speaking of soccer, back in Somalia, Al Shahab is a serious threat to Somalis who simply want to play soccer…

Mexicans break up Hezbollah support network

Demonstrating the necessity of sealing the United States’ Southern border is news reported by the Kuwait based al-Sayassah newspaper, detailing a successful move by Mexican security officials to break up a sophisticated Hezbollah support network operating out of the troubled country.

The plot was led by Jameel Nasr, a frequent visitor to Lebanon, who was arrested at his residence in Tijuana. U.S. based national security researchers have long noted the increasing presence of Iran’s proxy army Hezbollah in Latin and South America.

18 American Jihadist Terrorists

It’s all too easy to forget that Jihad is not just something that is happening in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s happening here in the USA and we’ve got photographic evidence to remind Americans of the enemy within. We must never forget…

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, aka Carlos Bledsoe. In June 2009, Muhammad shot two unarmed US Army soldiers outside a Little Rock, Arkansas recruiting center, killing one and wounding the other.

Daniel Patrick Boyd. In July 2009, Boyd, who received terrorist training in Pakistan, was arrested in North Carolina in connection with a plot to carry out a terrorist attack on Marine Corps Base Quantico

Abdul Rahman Yasin. Yasin is on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was born in Bloomington, Indiana.

Adam Yahiye Gadahn. This native of California played in a heavy metal band before traveling to Pakistan to join Al Qaeda.

Anwar al Awlaki. This New Mexico native is now the Imam of choice for Al Qaeda, essentially leading the organization's operations in Yemen.

Omar Hammami. This Alabama native was raised in the Bible Belt of Dixie but nevertheless turned to Jihad and now is a member of Al Shabaab Jihadist group in Somalia

Nidal Malik Hasan. US Army Major who shot dozens at Fort Hood, Texas in November 2009, killing 13 and wounding 30

Najibullah Zazi. This Denver resident travelled to Afghanistan where he received terrorist training. Upon his return, he plotted to bomb New York subways.

John Walker Lindh. A Washington D.C. native, the infamous American Taliban was captured in Afghanistan during the overthrow of the Taliban regime in 2001. He is serving a 20 year prison sentence.

David Coleman Headley. Formerly known as Daood Sayed Gilani, is a Pakistani American from Chicago, who conspired to launch the 2008 Mumbai attacks in India. He changed his name to hide his Muslim identity.

Colleen Larose, aka Jihad Jane, this Michigan native/Philadelphia resident, plotted to kill a cartoonist who drew a picture of the muslim prophet mohammed.

Faisal Shahzad. This Connecticut resident/Pakistani immigrant attempted to bomb Times Square in New York City

Moussa Ali Hamdan. Former New Jersey resident and Hezbollah member, was arrested in Paraguay on June 17th in connection with 31 crimes, including terrorism financing.

Aman Hassan Yemer, Ahmed Abdulah Minni, Waqar Hussain Khan, Ramy Zamzam, and Umar Farooq. These five American citizens from Virginia travelled to Pakistan to join the Jihad, only to be caught by authorities there and imprisoned.

Former US Congressman admits being agent for banned Islamic terrorist charity

A former US Congressman pleaded guilty today to obstruction of justice and working as an unregistered agent for a foreign charity linked to global terrorism.

Mark Deli Siljander, 59, a former US representative from Michigan, pleaded guilty to charges contained in a 2008 indictment related to his work for the Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA) of Columbia, Missouri.

Co-defendant Abdel Azim El-Siddig, a former IARA fundraiser, also pleaded guilty to conspiring with Siljander and others to hire Siljander to lobby for IARA’s removal from a Senate Finance Committee list of charities suspected of having terrorist ties.

Siljander, who also had been an alternate representative to the United Nations General Assembly, had concealed the organization for whom he was lobbying.

NYC Subway Bomb Plot Linked to al Qaeda

A failed plot to set off bombs in the New York subway system last year was part of a larger Al Qaeda terrorist conspiracy that planned a similar attack in England, U.S. prosecutors said Wednesday.

In an indictment unsealed Wednesday, prosecutors added several Al Qaeda figures to the case, including Adnan Shukrijumah, an FBI most-wanted terrorist.

Shukrijumah, one of the Al Qaeda leaders in charge of plotting attacks worldwide, was directly involved in recruiting and plotting the New York attack, prosecutors said. Attorney General Eric Holder has called that plot one of the most dangerous since 9/11.

Two of the men indicted Wednesday — Abid Naseer and Tariq Ur Rehman — were linked to a previously undisclosed companion plot in England.

CNN Editor Mourns Death of Hezbollah “Giant”–UPDATE: She’s Done

Octavia Nasr: CNN's Jihadist Terrorist Sympathizer

In what simply must be one of the more disgusting displays of sympathy for evil in recent memory, CNN’s senior editor of Middle East affairs, Octavia Nasr, a Lebanese native now enjoying the fruits of liberty as a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, released the following statement on her Twitter account upon hearing of the death of Hezbollah terrorist ideologue Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah:

“Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah… One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot.”

Hezbollah Ideologue Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah

First of all, Nasr’s use of the honorific title “Sayyed” is particularly telling. This is a title meant to belie esteem and is reserved for those who are thought to be descendants of the Islamic prophet mohammed.

Fadlallah was best known as the inspirational leader and key ideologue for the terrorist group Hezbollah. This makes Nasr’s admiration for him disturbing to say the least. There is no other word for it: sympathizer. Fadlallah was a Jihadist terrorist. He may not have killed with a sword, but he most assuredly inspired thousands of others to do so.

And hundreds of the victims were Americans.

Yet CNN’s Octavia Nasr “respected” him–“a lot.”

Let us examine the implications of a Hezbollah groupie in a leadership role in one of America’s largest (yet shrinking) media organizations.

Hezbollah burst onto the world scene in April 1983 when they bombed the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 63 people, including 17 Americans.

US Embassy Beirut, Lebanon, after Hezbollah Islamikaze attack

On October 23rd, 1983, Hezbollah struck again, attacking the Marine Barracks at the Beirut International Airport, killing 241 servicemen acting as peacekeepers for the United Nations.

US Marines performing grim task of casualty evacuation after Hezbollah Islamikaze attack

In 1985, Hezbollah terrorists hijacked TWA Flight 847 and killed US Navy sailor Robert Stethem who happened to be a passenger on board.

Hezbollah continued their terrorist ways in the late 1980s with the kidnapping and murder of US Marine Colonel William Higgins, who was also on a UN mission.

Colonel William Higgins, USMC

Some people thought that Hezbollah was no longer an enemy of the USA by the time September 11th, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom rolled around. Not so.

Though it has not received much attention, on at least two occasions, Hezbollah terrorists have been captured in Iraq fighting US forces:

More recently, a long-time Hezbollah terrorist involved in the 1985 TWA 847 hijacking was killed by US forces in Pakistan, near the Afghan border…

It seems the terrorist, Mohammed Ali Hamadi, upon being released from prison in Germany, decided that the thing to do was go work for the Taliban. A coincidence we’re certain…

These are the monsters that Fadlallah inspired. And CNN’s Octavia Nasr respected him…a lot.

UPDATE: Octavia Nasr gone from CNN after pro-Jihadist comments obtained an internal CNN memo which says of Nasr: “We believe that her credibility in her position as senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs has been compromised.” (That’s putting it mildly to say the least.)

In a blog post expanding on her position, Nasr wrote that it “was an error of judgment for me to write such a simplistic comment and I’m sorry because it conveyed that I supported Fadlallah’s life’s work.” (It didn’t CONVEY anything. It’s what she WROTE.)

More from Aaron Klein at WorldNetDaily:

Deradicalization in Indonesia a failure

Abdul Aziz is a case in point. The 34-year-old was co-opted into a jihadist cell by an acquaintance who asked him during an Islamic teaching forum if he would be interested in designing a website about the struggle for jihad.

The group’s commander was Noordin M. Top, the mastermind behind the 2002 bombing on the resort island of Bali. Aziz said he did not know about Noordin’s connection to the project, nor did he know a plan was in the works to set off another Bali bomb. But shortly after a blast rocked the island, killing 26 people, Aziz was sentenced to eight years in jail for giving sanctuary to Noordin.

Aziz still believes in jihad, which he defines as the struggle to defend Islam. But he does not agree with Noordin’s methods because there will always be “missed targets,” he said, referring to the term for innocents killed as a consequence of striving for jihad.

Thailand: More Violence from the Jihad You Never Heard Of

In March of 2009, we dubbed the Islamic insurgency in southern Thailand “The Jihad you’ve never heard of.”

Islamic terrorist attacks in Thailand continue. Roadside IEDs killed 8 people there this week.

Islamic Jihadists set off the roadside IEDs in two separate attacks. One IED killed 3 soldiers who were riding in a truck on their way to repair a damaged water pipe in a village in the Yaha district of Yala province. In the other attack, Jihadists ambushed a security patrol in Narathiwat province with an IED and small arms fire, killing 5.

The terrorists also reportedly stole 4 rifles in the ambush.

Note that the Thai Jihadists have never made any public statements since the violence started back in 2004. 4,000 people have been killed in the insurgency, but no demands have been issued and no goals announced. This is classic Jihadist warfare. They are not fighting because they want something from the non-Muslims or the government. They are fighting a war of elimination…

Somali Jihadi Who Attacked Danish Cartoonist Charged With Terrorism In Denmark

Denmark’s top prosecutor on Friday issued terrorism charges against a Somali immigrant who tried to kill a Danish cartoonist over a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed.

Th 28-year-old Somali, who authorities have still not yet publicly identified, broke into artist Kurt Westergaard’s home on January 1st and threatened him with an axe and a knife.

The caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed were first published in a Danish newspaper back in 2005, touching off Islamic violence worldwide.

Abu Sayyaf Terrorists Shoot, Hack Civilians in Philippines, Killing Four

Approximately 30 hooded Abu Sayyaf Jihadist terrorists, shot and hacked terrified, innocent victims running for their lives in the southern Philippines, police said Thursday. Four civilians died and six were wounded in the attack.

The Al Qaeda-linked terrorists were likely trying to divert Philippine troops from a major offensive nearby, according to Antonio Mendoza, police chief for the island province of Basilan, where the terrorist raid occurred.

Most of the victims were commuters in a passenger jeep headed home from Basilan’s capital of Isabela City. The attackers were positioned on a hill overlooking a road and opened fire with small arms. Two passengers were killed instantly but others leapt from the vehicle to escape, Mendoza reported.

“They were fired upon as they ran. One of the attackers hacked a 10-year-old boy, who survived,” Mendoza told The Associated Press.

The daylight ambush is the latest violence committed by Abu Sayyaf and its allied armed groups on Basilan, a predominantly Muslim island about 550 miles (880 kilometers) south of Manila.

Two weeks ago, Abu Sayyaf terrorists beheaded three loggers in a rain forest near Maluso.

Mendoza, who heads a 675-strong force, said he has sought at least 300 more policemen to better secure Basilan towns. About 100 extra police commandos were deployed to Basilan weeks ago to reinforce marines and army troops hunting Abu Sayyaf fighters.

Some 400 Abu Sayyaf terrorists operate in Basilan and on nearby Jolo island and the Zamboanga peninsula. They remain a major security threat as part of a decades-long Muslim insurgency.

The Abu Sayyaf, founded in Basilan in 1991, is believed by U.S. and Philippine security officials to have received funds and training from Osama bin Laden’s network. Evidence also indicates that funding has come from other Saudi and Persian Gulf sources and captured documents in Iraq revealed that Saddam Hussein’s regime provided support to Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines.

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