Uganda Jihad Attack Updates

By now, TTB readers already know that Al Qaeda-affiliated  Al Shahab operating out of Somalia is taking responsibility for the bomb attacks in Uganda which have so far claimed 74 lives. This TTB posting will include links to various updates and analyses of the attacks.

Newsweek has a pretty good, concise summary of the attack, with a video report embedded:

Dan Morrison has a particularly lousy analysis over on Slate, in which he essentially says that Uganda brought this on itself. He has fallen into the usual trap which says that the Jihadists act in response to actions of others. The fact of the matter is, Uganda had already been impacted by the Jihadist violence in Somalia as refugees spilled over their border before they sent troops to Mogadishu to attempt to bring some semblance of stability to the failed state. For that matter, Uganda had also been impacted by Jihadist activity in Sudan similarly…

The Telegraph points out that the Uganda attacks initially targeted Ethiopians in Uganda. It also mentions that Somalia seems to be turning into a petrie dish of Jihadi activity with terrorists streaming in from Iraq and Afghanistan. (We might also add that there is at least one Jihadi from the exotic, far-off land known as Alabama as well.) That Somalia may turn into a staging area for Jihad was a concern as long ago as 2002-2003 when US amphibious forces and German naval units initially set up offshore but did not take action and eventually withdrew from the area…

Bloomberg mentions that Burundi may be the next nation on Al Shahab’s hit list, since that nation has 2500 peacekeepers in Somalia…

It should come as no surprise that an Al Qaeda affiliate targeted World Cup fans. There have been plots and rumors of plots to target the World Cup for a few months…

Speaking of soccer, back in Somalia, Al Shahab is a serious threat to Somalis who simply want to play soccer…

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