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Confirming what we already knew about the Arkansas recruiting station murders

The Muslim man who killed one US Army soldier and wounding another outside a Little Rock, Arkansas military recruiting center last spring has asked a judge to change his plea to guilty, claiming ties to Al Qaeda.

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad is merely confirming what many already realized. The Little Rock Army Recruiting Center attack has basically been forgotten and the media has either ignored or failed to realize the obvious pattern that it set.

We are witnessing another MASSIVE intelligence failure with regard to Yemen and a subsequent failure to properly respond to the series of attacks in the US which have been tied to Al Qaeda in Yemen.

It is now apparent that Al Qaeda switched a major portion of its Jihadi training to Yemen at least as long ago as 2008 and we failed to detect it.

The Little Rock shooter (Muhammad), a convert to Islam at Tennessee Tech, dropped out of school and traveled to Yemen to “study” under a Sharia scholar (we now know who this scholar was: Anwar al-Awlaki…same guy who preached to Major Nidal Malik Hasan in northern Virginia and the Nigerian Fruit of the Boom bomber.)

The Feds even went so far as to put the Little Rock shooter on a terrorist “watch list” when he got back from Yemen. Then we “watched” as he gunned down two of our soldiers on our city streets.

How many more “trained in Yemen” Jihadis are out there? We clearly don’t know.

Nor do we know who recruited the Little Rock shooter to Islam at Tennessee Tech in the first place. Who paid his way to fly to Yemen? (That is not a cheap plane ticket, especially for a young, African-American college drop-out.) What training regimen did he undergo in Yemen? Who else may he have met while undergoing training? This information was a casualty of the Obama administration’s misguided approach to handling terrorism as a “law enforcement” problem.

We know next to nothing, despite the fact that Al Qaeda has been training there for at least 2 years…

Our intelligence agencies failed to connect the dots when Al Qaeda started training Jihadis from around the world in Yemen and we have failed to gather intelligence from enemy terrorists who have carried out attacks against us.

This combination of intelligence and policy failures has put America and its people at risk and our governmental leaders are either in denial about the threat we face, or they are lying to us about it.,2933,583613,00.html

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