Thailand: More Violence from the Jihad You Never Heard Of

In March of 2009, we dubbed the Islamic insurgency in southern Thailand “The Jihad you’ve never heard of.”

Islamic terrorist attacks in Thailand continue. Roadside IEDs killed 8 people there this week.

Islamic Jihadists set off the roadside IEDs in two separate attacks. One IED killed 3 soldiers who were riding in a truck on their way to repair a damaged water pipe in a village in the Yaha district of Yala province. In the other attack, Jihadists ambushed a security patrol in Narathiwat province with an IED and small arms fire, killing 5.

The terrorists also reportedly stole 4 rifles in the ambush.

Note that the Thai Jihadists have never made any public statements since the violence started back in 2004. 4,000 people have been killed in the insurgency, but no demands have been issued and no goals announced. This is classic Jihadist warfare. They are not fighting because they want something from the non-Muslims or the government. They are fighting a war of elimination…

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