Taliban continue to get heavy weapons from Iran

For years now, NATO commanders have been saying that Iran has been supplying weaponry to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

For instance, General Petraeus told reporters back in February that Iran was aiding the Taliban:


However, these reports go at least all the way back to 2007, when a US State Department representative cited irrefutable evidence of Iran arming the Taliban:


In fact, NATO intercepted a shipment of arms from Iran to the Taliban just about two years ago:


Nevertheless, some on the Left have been skeptical of Iran’s support for the Taliban, based on the fact that the Taliban are Salafi Sunni Muslims and the Iranians are Shiite Muslims.

This type of blind dogma continues to hamstring US policy, despite overwhelming evidence that Iran works enthusiastically with Sunnis against the West.

For instance, HAMAS receives the lion’s share of its funding and arms from Iran, despite the fact that HAMAS is a Sunni terrorist offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, another Salafi Sunni organization. This is not in dispute. Iran admits that they fund HAMAS and HAMAS admits that they get money from Iran.

Moreover, Iran has also aided the Taliban’s greatest ally, Al Qaeda, another Salafi Sunni terrorist organization. Many continue to dispute that Iran sponsors Al Qaeda, but the facts are out there for analysis, as yours truly wrote in National Review back in March 2008:


Despite Iran’s record of aiding Sunni terrorist organizations and the Taliban in particular, the Obama administration has been trumpeting the idea of enlisting Iran’s aid in the battle against…those same Taliban.

The problem is, predictably, the hairbrained scheme to get the Iranians to help NATO battle the Taliban in Afghanistan is running into a little problem: Iran is arming the Taliban.

What now Obama?


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