Thrice Charged in Al Qaeda Plots and Out on Bail…

A Kenyan Muslim who once admitted that he was part of a planned Al Qaeda operation to blow up the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi is now facing charges in connection with last month’s Al Qaeda attacks in Uganda but is free on bail.

Salmin Mohammed Khamis, 34, also was acquitted in 2005 in the bombing of a beachfront hotel frequented by Israeli tourists, two years after he divulged the embassy plot. Khamis was never even charged in connection with the embassy case, despite his confession.

He was one of seven people acquitted in the 2002 Islamikaze bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel near Mombasa, Kenya in which 15 people were killed. He also was acquitted of charges in connection with a failed attempt to shoot down an Israeli passenger plane with a SA-7 man-portable surface to air missile that same day.

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  • Shoki  On 1 JulpmSun, 14 Jul 2013 20:47:01 -06002013-07-14T20:47:01-06:0008 2009 at 20:47

    Is there an Arabic word for “chutzpah”?The nerve of Muslims claiming that their klliing of American citizens in cold blood on American soil is the fault of Americans whether in batches of 3000 or singly should take one’s breath away but the media shrugs and even agrees, giving constant play to the false charge of “Islamophobia”.A Muslim kills Americans. The Muslim community’s sole concern is for itself. Muslims whine about potential negative repercussions for them and the media follows their lead, every time.The only phobia we should be discussing is the hate-on Muslims have for non-Muslims. It is based on their hate manual, the Koran.And again, the mythical “moderate” Muslims expressing their shock and horror at the slaying and this awful Fury at the graveside are completely MIA.Imagine American hijackers pulverizing an office building in Riyadh with 3000 civilian deaths. Think the Arab king’s first statement would be that Americans are peace loving? Think a single American in Arab lands would be left alive by Muslim mobs who riot and kill people over cartoons? Think the Arab potentate would travel to Washington and apologize for Arab mistakes?


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