Little Rock Jihadi Shooter Tried To Firebomb Nashville Rabbi’s Home

Abdulhakim Mohammed, previously known as Carlos Bledsoe before his conversion to Islam in 2004, who is charged with murdering one US Army soldier and wounding another outside a Little Rock armed forces recruiting center last summer, now says he tried but failed to carry out additional Jihadist terror attacks in the southern U.S.

This revelation came in a report filed in July by an Arkansas state doctor who examined Mohammed, declaring him mentally fit to stand trial.
Mohammed claims to have tried to use a Molotov Cocktail to firebomb the home of an Orthodox rabbi in Nashville, Tennessee.
He also claims to have plotted an attack on a US Army recruiting center in Florence, Kentucky, but didn’t–only because it was closed when he got there.
Mohammed has been charged in Arkansas with capital murder, attempted capital murder, aggravated assault,terroristic threatening
as well as other counts for the June 1, 2009, shooting outside the Little Rock recruiting office.
Terror Trends Bulleting covered that story here:

Mohammed has a history of violence and, sometime after his conversion to Islam, he started to consider himself a soldier of allah.

He was reportedly angry about the actions of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. He believed they had desecrated the Quran and sought revenge.
One of his targets was a house in Nashville, where he thought an Orthodox Jewish rabbi lived. It turns out that the rabbi had moved out of the house a year earlier and, at any rate, the Molotov Cocktail that Mohammad threw at one of the windows failed to break the glass and set fire to the house.
This botched Nashville firebombing was actually the first phase in a three state Jihad tour that ended when he shot the two Army soldiers in Little Rock, killing Pvt. William Long and wounding Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula.
Until the Arkansas court released the medical report recently, the former Tennessee State University student’s botched Nashville firebomb attack and aborted assault on the Florence, Kentucky, Army recruiting station were not public knowledge.
The rabbi targeted was Rabbi Saul Strosberg, who says he doesn’t know why he was a target, having never met Mohammed.
“The fact that it made sense in his mind to kill a rabbi is just nuts,” he said.
We are frankly incredulous at the good rabbi’s naivete. It wasn’t that Mohammed was “nuts” at all. He is a Jihadist who went to Yemen for terrorist training and he was merely doing what he had been trained to do.
That is the reality and we all better wake up to that fact.
Mohammed has told the court he wants to plead guilty, but he can’t under state law because he faces the death penalty.
A Memphis native, Mohammed moved to Yemen in 2007 supposedly to teach English and became involved with Jihadist terrorists. While in Yemen he was arrested for trying to go to Somalia to fight in the Jihad there, was jailed for a short time and then deported to the United States in 2009.
Why he was allowed to roam free back here in the USA after having tried to join the Jihad is a question worth asking…
“This was a Jihadi attack on the infidel forces. That didn’t go as planned,” Mohammed wrote in a letter to the court.

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