The Latest from NEFA Foundation: Operation Gibraltar: A Foiled Al-Qaida Plot Against NATO Ships

The absolutely indispensable NEFA foundation has produced another important report, this one on a failed Al Qaeda plot to attack NATO naval ships in the strait of Gibraltar, not unlike the attack on the USS Cole.

Though this plot took place back in 2002, it is important not just from an historical perspective, but also in other ways. It demonstrates the far reach of Al Qaeda and the lengths that they will go to to attempt to attack the West. Note also that the plot was foiled as a result of questioning of suspects as…gasp…Guantanamo Bay, Cuba…

The link below will open to a pdf file:

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  • George A. Gaun  On 1 DecpmTue, 21 Dec 2010 12:34:05 -06002010-12-21T12:34:05-06:0012 2009 at 12:34

    I just read your report “The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, Oct 26,2007. The most coherent and complete description I’ve read.Thank you! The current administration apparently has not read it! At the national level we do not do a very good job at threat analysis for political reasons. Consequently…9/11! The Brotherhood and all of its baggage have done an excellant job in infiltrating our homeland. The threat is among us and we are in denial! I subscribe to Dr. M. Zudhi Jasser’s AIFD newsletter and Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT For America plus whatever the Internet offers up. My first primer was “The Life and Religion of Mohammed” by Rev. J.L. Memezes (1912)in Dec.06. The majority of Americans know nothing about Islam or its history and intentions and sadly could care less! But you do! Thank God. (I graduated from The Citadel in 1956.) Merry Christmas.


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