Well, the decision to send those Jihadis to Palau and Bermuda isn’t working out so well

Obama’s decision to shut down Gitmo at all costs continues to have unexpected consequences for friends of America around the globe.

The folks in Bermuda aren’t real thrilled with their new Uighur neighbors. Now the government there is facing a no-confidence vote. This, of course, comes after America’s staunchest ally, Great Britain, was once again purposely insulted by Obama by our failure to notify them of the deal to send the Uighur jihadis to a commonwealth nation.

Why Obama hates the Brits so much and what he expects to gain by treating them so shabbily is certainly a mystery to me.

Meanwhile, some of the other Uighurs who were slated to go to Palau after Obama bribed that poor nation into taking them, now say they don’t want to go, at least that’s what their lawyers are telling us. (Think how surreal this is; enemy Jihadis captured on the battlefield being represented by American lawyers. I still can’t get used to the concept.)

Since the Uighurs don’t want to go to Palau, I have some suggestions as to where we might send them:

French Frigate Shoals

French Frigate Shoals

Wake Island

Ascension Island
Ascension Island
South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island

Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia

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