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Al Qaeda attack kills 52 Iraqi military members

After a lull of more than a month, Al Qaida has resumed mass-casualty strikes on Iraq’s military.

A suicide bomber said to have been sent by Al Qaida blew himself up outside an Iraq Army office near Baghdad on July 18. Officials said at least 52 people, most of them lined up to receive their monthly salaries, were killed.

The attack took place in Radwaniya, located west of Baghdad. Officials said most of the casualties were members of the U.S.-sponsored Al Sahwa auxiliary police force, formed to fight Al Qaida.

Uganda Jihad Attack Updates

By now, TTB readers already know that Al Qaeda-affiliated  Al Shahab operating out of Somalia is taking responsibility for the bomb attacks in Uganda which have so far claimed 74 lives. This TTB posting will include links to various updates and analyses of the attacks.

Newsweek has a pretty good, concise summary of the attack, with a video report embedded:

Dan Morrison has a particularly lousy analysis over on Slate, in which he essentially says that Uganda brought this on itself. He has fallen into the usual trap which says that the Jihadists act in response to actions of others. The fact of the matter is, Uganda had already been impacted by the Jihadist violence in Somalia as refugees spilled over their border before they sent troops to Mogadishu to attempt to bring some semblance of stability to the failed state. For that matter, Uganda had also been impacted by Jihadist activity in Sudan similarly…

The Telegraph points out that the Uganda attacks initially targeted Ethiopians in Uganda. It also mentions that Somalia seems to be turning into a petrie dish of Jihadi activity with terrorists streaming in from Iraq and Afghanistan. (We might also add that there is at least one Jihadi from the exotic, far-off land known as Alabama as well.) That Somalia may turn into a staging area for Jihad was a concern as long ago as 2002-2003 when US amphibious forces and German naval units initially set up offshore but did not take action and eventually withdrew from the area…

Bloomberg mentions that Burundi may be the next nation on Al Shahab’s hit list, since that nation has 2500 peacekeepers in Somalia…

It should come as no surprise that an Al Qaeda affiliate targeted World Cup fans. There have been plots and rumors of plots to target the World Cup for a few months…

Speaking of soccer, back in Somalia, Al Shahab is a serious threat to Somalis who simply want to play soccer…

CNN Editor Mourns Death of Hezbollah “Giant”–UPDATE: She’s Done

Octavia Nasr: CNN's Jihadist Terrorist Sympathizer

In what simply must be one of the more disgusting displays of sympathy for evil in recent memory, CNN’s senior editor of Middle East affairs, Octavia Nasr, a Lebanese native now enjoying the fruits of liberty as a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, released the following statement on her Twitter account upon hearing of the death of Hezbollah terrorist ideologue Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah:

“Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah… One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot.”

Hezbollah Ideologue Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah

First of all, Nasr’s use of the honorific title “Sayyed” is particularly telling. This is a title meant to belie esteem and is reserved for those who are thought to be descendants of the Islamic prophet mohammed.

Fadlallah was best known as the inspirational leader and key ideologue for the terrorist group Hezbollah. This makes Nasr’s admiration for him disturbing to say the least. There is no other word for it: sympathizer. Fadlallah was a Jihadist terrorist. He may not have killed with a sword, but he most assuredly inspired thousands of others to do so.

And hundreds of the victims were Americans.

Yet CNN’s Octavia Nasr “respected” him–“a lot.”

Let us examine the implications of a Hezbollah groupie in a leadership role in one of America’s largest (yet shrinking) media organizations.

Hezbollah burst onto the world scene in April 1983 when they bombed the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 63 people, including 17 Americans.

US Embassy Beirut, Lebanon, after Hezbollah Islamikaze attack

On October 23rd, 1983, Hezbollah struck again, attacking the Marine Barracks at the Beirut International Airport, killing 241 servicemen acting as peacekeepers for the United Nations.

US Marines performing grim task of casualty evacuation after Hezbollah Islamikaze attack

In 1985, Hezbollah terrorists hijacked TWA Flight 847 and killed US Navy sailor Robert Stethem who happened to be a passenger on board.

Hezbollah continued their terrorist ways in the late 1980s with the kidnapping and murder of US Marine Colonel William Higgins, who was also on a UN mission.

Colonel William Higgins, USMC

Some people thought that Hezbollah was no longer an enemy of the USA by the time September 11th, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom rolled around. Not so.

Though it has not received much attention, on at least two occasions, Hezbollah terrorists have been captured in Iraq fighting US forces:

More recently, a long-time Hezbollah terrorist involved in the 1985 TWA 847 hijacking was killed by US forces in Pakistan, near the Afghan border…

It seems the terrorist, Mohammed Ali Hamadi, upon being released from prison in Germany, decided that the thing to do was go work for the Taliban. A coincidence we’re certain…

These are the monsters that Fadlallah inspired. And CNN’s Octavia Nasr respected him…a lot.

UPDATE: Octavia Nasr gone from CNN after pro-Jihadist comments obtained an internal CNN memo which says of Nasr: “We believe that her credibility in her position as senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs has been compromised.” (That’s putting it mildly to say the least.)

In a blog post expanding on her position, Nasr wrote that it “was an error of judgment for me to write such a simplistic comment and I’m sorry because it conveyed that I supported Fadlallah’s life’s work.” (It didn’t CONVEY anything. It’s what she WROTE.)

More from Aaron Klein at WorldNetDaily:

35 dead, 175 wounded in Pakistan shrine attack

Two suicide bombers struck a popular Muslim shrine in Pakistan’s second largest city late Thursday night, killing 35 people and wounding 175 others in the second major attack in Lahore in a month, the city’s top official said.

The bombers struck as thousands of people were visiting the Data Darbar shrine, where a famous Sufi saint is buried. Muslims in Pakistan visit shrines and mosques in large numbers on Thursday and Friday nights.

American Victims of Middle Eastern Terrorism

We came across a posting on DhartiPakistan blog which included a chronology which we have seen from time to time on the web. It is certainly worth linking here.

For those who still think this war started on 11 September 2001, study the article linked below carefully…

America’s Wrongheaded Approach to Jihad

In the wake of the miraculously failed Christmas day Jihadi attack over the skies of Detroit, we are starting to see our governmental mechanisms crank into gear to institute policies to prevent terrorists from attacking us successfully.

Never mind that it was that very governmental bureaucracy which enabled the Jihadists to penetrate secure areas with explosives and come close to killing 270 people on Christmas day. It was our incompetent governmental bureaucracies which granted a known Jihadi a visa to enter the United States. It was our governmental bureaucracies which let him get on an airliner without a passport. It was our governmental bureaucracies which failed to recognize classic warning signs: ticket paid for in cash, no checked luggage.

Nevertheless, Janet Napolitano, who is evidently conflicted between whether the security system worked like clockwork or failed miserably, has had her department of Homeland Security see to it that no one stands up for the last hour of any flight (an order which has evidently already been rescinded) and Transportation Security personnel are redoubling efforts to tighten access to airliners.

Meanwhile, President Obama managed to tear himself from the links to declare the terrorist an “isolated extremist,” perhaps the worst mischaracterization made by a sitting president since Richard Nixon declared himself “not a crook.” Obama then promised a dragnet to find those responsible. What complete and utter hogwash.

This security and law enforcement approach used against those who are at war with us will never work.

We can button up airliners tighter than a drum and do body cavity searches of passengers and you know what will happen?

The Jihadists will drive a truck loaded with TNT through the front door of the terminal at a major airport the day before Thanksgiving and kill hundreds.

Or they’ll target subways and trains like they did in Madrid, London and Paris.

Or they’ll target shopping malls or schools.

Until we realize that this is a war and not a law enforcement problem and that these terrorists have a common thread, whether they are lone wolves or part of cells, it will keep getting worse.

The problem is Islam. Not Muslims, but Islam as practiced by a core of Muslims who largely control the Islamic world. Their goal is to implement sharia law. Their goal is not for you and me to convert to Islam, but to impose sharia on us. That is what they are fighting for and sharia is their doctrine as well. We ignore this at our peril. The reason for everything they do can be looked up in books that they wrote. Not just the Noble Quran, but books like “Reliance of the Traveler” and “Milestones” and “The Quranic Concept of War.” If you really want to understand where the enemy is coming from, buy these books on Amazon and read them.

Then download Stephen Coughlin’s thesis from the Center for Security Policy web site. It’s free and it should be the handbook for fighting the war of ideas.

There is a global Jihadist insurgency and insurgencies are 80% political/ideological not military. We can win the military side. But we aren’t even fighting the other 80%. And that’s what manufactures guys like this Nigerian, who was, like most Jihadist terrorists, wealthy and educated, even privileged. (This is NOT about poverty; don’t let anyone tell you that.)

The Jihadis are indoctrinated for years in mosques and madrassas. They don’t go “radical” by accident. It is a system. Go to the MEMRI web site and take a look at state-run television in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Palestinian territories and even Egypt. You will be shocked at what you see and hear, especially on the programs targeted at children. Jihadis are not born. They are created. Furthermore, they aren’t created because the USA supports Israel or because the USA overthrew Saddam Hussein in Iraq or the Taliban in Afghanistan. Their agenda is much wider, longer and deeper than that.

The Jihadists did not slaughter hundreds of school children in Beslan, Russia because the USA supports Israel or because US troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Jihadists killed 241 US servicemen in Beirut in 1983, blew up the World Trade Center in 1993, blew up a USAF barracks in 1995, blasted our embassies in east Africa in 1998, attacked the USS Cole in 2000 and flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11th 2001 before a single American soldier or Marine set foot in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Jihadists didn’t kill 200 Australian tourists in Bali, Indonesia because the US supports Israel. They didn’t slaughter dozens in Mumbai, India because the US is in Iraq. They aren’t killing people in southern Thailand because the US is in Afghanistan. And the Islamic insurgency in the Philippines predates all of this.

There must be something else at work.

It’s called Jihad.

You can expect some type of Jihadist incident involving Americans to be in the news every week from now on. Some incidents will be violent Jihad like Fort Hood and Flight 253. Others will be civilizational or “stealth” jihad, such as refusing to allow bomb-sniffing dogs near Muslims based on some notion of religious “freedom.” This is the environment that fighting a politically correct war for 8 years has created. Get used to it.

Let me give you an example of what we’re up against. The best example is Saudi Arabia. Some in the US refer to the Sauds as “allies” in the “war on terrorism.” But if the Sauds are really at war with Al Qaeda and the Jihadists, then why don’t we hear about lots of attempts on the lives of Saudi princes (and there are thousands of Saudi princes)? They are not hard to find. Go to a casino or disco in London or Monte Carlo and you can find them and often without tight security. Since Al Qaeda was founded in 1989, the number of Saudi royals killed by their terrorism stands at 0. In that time, there was only a single documented attempt by an Al Qaeda terrorist on a Saudi prince, who just happened to be the minister of the Interior, in charge of a large portion of security forces.

In Saudi Arabia when you are caught shoplifting, under their Sharia law, you have a good chance of getting your hand chopped off as punishment. A woman gets 100 lashes for the crime of adultery. The Sauds behead people for more serious crimes.

Yet, when a Saudi is caught on the battlefield as a member of Al Qaeda by US forces in Iraq or Afghanistan and is turned over to the Sauds, what happens to them?

They are sent to rehab. In rehab they are issued crayons and paint for art therapy. (I am not joking.) After rehab, they are released.

Why do you suppose this is?

I’ll tell you why. Because they haven’t committed a crime as far as the Sauds are concerned. Shoplifting gets your hand chopped off, Jihad doesn’t even get you a slap on the wrist.

Does anyone still believe that the Sauds are our allies?

The Jihadists get funded, they get trained and they get granted safe haven. This happens a number of ways and from a number of sources and we need to go after them. Use our strengths to go after the ideological and financial and training sources. Until we do, expect this to get worse and worse. Taking our shoes off before getting on the airplane isn’t going to help one damn bit.

What if Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab Had Succeeded?

What if Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had succeeded in detonating his bomb and had brought down Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas day?

There are a few things we know:

1. Some 300 innocent people on board the airliner–passengers and crew–would have perished.

2. The fact that Abdulmutallab had waited until the aircraft was on approach very possibly meant that it was flying over a populated area at the time. This was almost certainly planned. Had he detonated the device over the Atlantic Ocean, it would have killed everyone on board, but there would have been no TV video footage of the carnage and the possibility of additional innocent victims on the ground would have been eliminated. Had Abdulmutallab succeeded in blowing open the fuselage of the Airbus airliner, it could very easily have come down in whole or in parts over homes and more people would have been killed.

The only thing that prevented Christmas 2009 from becoming the most infamous in US history was either Abdulmutallab’s incompetence or faulty explosive equipment.

But there is one other thing that we can be almost certain of had Abdulmutallab succeeded in blowing up that airplane: today, 28 December 2009, 3 days later, members of the news media would be reading press releases from the White House, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI declaring that there is “no indication of terrorist involvement.”

Janet Napolitano, the same woman who would have us believe that our security “system worked like clockwork” in this attack, would be on our television screens with the comforting words that “there is no evidence that this tragedy was a terrorist attack.”

Ill-fated Flight 253 would have been reported as a “crash.”

Would the NTSB and FBI have eventually determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that a bomb brought down 253? Probably. But that would have been months after the fact and critics would have debated the evidence any way.

Meanwhile, the breakdowns which allowed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to get on board Flight 253 with a US visa may never have been identified and fixed…

Janet Napolitano Should Resign Now: “The security system worked”

By now everyone knows about the attempt by a Jihadist from Nigeria to set off a bomb in an airliner above Detroit. But what many of us may not have been aware of is the fact that our nation’s transportation security systems worked just fine to prevent the terrorist from completing his Islamikaze mission. Or so says already-disgraced Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano:

Homeland security head: The security system worked

This is just the latest in a series of incredibly stupid policies and mistakes made by this woman since she took office. It began with the report issued by DHS and approved by her which labeled just about every segment of our society, OTHER than the Islamic community, as potential terrorist threats–ESPECIALLY returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

Then, as the Fort Hood massacre made news, it was discovered that our intrepid Secretary of HOMELAND Security was attending a women’s conference in the United Arab Emirates of all places…

But those two gaffs pale in comparison to her assessment of this latest attempted Islamikaze attack.

There are so many glaring errors in the short Associated Press news article linked above that it boggles the mind:


1. “Homeland security head: The security system worked”

Nothing authorities did prevented that plane from being blown up. This was a case of a bad guy fumbling the ball on the one yard line through the end zone for a touchback. If the security system worked, then the system STINKS. Either Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab’s detonator was bad or else it was a case of “you need to be smarter than the equipment you’re using” and he screwed up. But if not for their screw-up, we’d have had a US airliner blown up and crashing over a populated area on Christmas with hundreds killed.


2. “The father of the man accused of attempting to blow up the jetliner told U.S. officials in Nigeria he was concerned about his son’s extreme religious views. However, Napolitano says there was no specific information to place Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on a no-fly list.”

This is a byproduct of refusing to recognize the religious component integral to the enemies we face. The fact that the father informed us that his son was a Jihadi wasn’t enough for our PC system to keep him out of the US. This is the modern-day equivalent to allowing members of the SS into America because their membership in the SS was not sufficient specific information to exclude them.


3. Napolitano says that within 60 to 90 minutes of the incident all 120 flights that were in the air at time were contacted to make sure the attempted bombing did not extend beyond the flight to Detroit.

How the hell were those other air crews supposed to know? Did they announce over the intercom,”Any terrorists on board with an explosive device strapped to your crotch, please raise your hand”?

The fact of the matter is, we were caught with our pants down and we are just damn lucky that Christmas 2009 wasn’t marked forever by an Islamikaze massacre.

Someone better figure a way to get this Napolitano woman out of office and out of the security business altogether before she gets a lot of Americans killed.

Palestinian TV: Sheikh Tells Children the Story of a Female Islamikaze Bomber

Every once in a while a story comes along that can only be described a truly sick.

The video linked below of a Muslim Sheikh praising the actions of a suicide bomber certainly fall into the category:

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