Great Britain Condemns Muslim Brotherhood for Terrorism Ties; Obama Isolated in Close Ties to Jihadist Organization


by Christopher W. Holton

Great Britain just published the results of its exhaustive investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood and it has joined the growing chorus of nations–including Islamic Arab nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt–who have fingered the Muslim Brotherhood for ties to Jihadist terrorism.

The Obama administration in the US now stands lone in its close, warm ties to what can only be properly described as the granddaddy of all modern Sunni Jihadist organizations. This illustrates the increasing degree to which Obama has become isolated in the world amid appearing completely out of touch with the reality of the Jihadist threat.

While even the overtly socialist Prime Minister of France, Francois Hollande, has embarked upon a crackdown against Jihad in France and an escalated air campaign against the Islamic State in the Middle East, the American president seems all too typically aloof and detached from what has become the overwhelming security concern of the American people.

The Obama administration has had close ties to American Muslim Brotherhood organizations since before he was even elected in 2008. Prominent members of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have served in the Obama campaigns and even in the Obama administration.

What most Americans still do not know–including most Republicans–is that ISNA is Muslim Brotherhood and was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest successful terrorism financing prosecution in U.S. history: the U.S. v. the Holy Land Foundation. It was the intention of the Dallas U.S. attorney’s office to prosecute ISNA–along with other Muslim Brotherhood unindicted co-conspirators, notably the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), but then-newly minted Attorney General Eric Holder shut the prosecution down.

This was followed up by Obama’s speech to the Muslim world from Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt back in 2009, in which he insisted that the Egyptian regime–a long-time U.S. ally–allow members of the Muslim Brotherhood to sit in the front row.

The Obama administration’s ties to an organization that has been increasingly exposed as a Jihadist terrorist organization cannot be overemphasized.

Up to this point, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has gone to great lengths to provide a unified public front with Obama on security issues, but the evidence gathered by his government apparently left him with no choice but to break ranks with Obama when it came to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Among the main findings of the British report, which expose the degree to which Obama has sympathized with and found common cause with a supremacist, totalitarian organization and doctrine:

• The Muslim Brotherhood seeks the unification of the Islamic world under a Caliphate ruled by Shariah. (This is the exact same goal as the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and every other Jihadist organization in the world.)

• The Muslim Brotherhood has a clandestine, secretive cell structure around the world.

• The Muslim Brotherhood has a large, sophisticated international clandestine network of commercial enterprises, student organizations, small businesses and charities.

• HAMAS, a vicious Jihadist group designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the US government, is in fact the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood outside of the Palestinian areas, such as the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, provide funding to HAMAS in support of its violent Jihad against Israel.

• The Muslim Brotherhood’s founding fathers and ideological leaders, notably Hassan al Banna and Sayid Qutb, endorsed and supported violent attacks to promote the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals. Both of these monsters remain revered by the rank and file members, as well as leaders, of the Muslim Brotherhood today. Their views on the use of violence inspired Al Qaeda and continue to inspire violent Jihad today.

• Some Muslim Brotherhood leaders condemned the 9/11 attacks–but only in the context of claiming that it as a false flag conspiracy designed to give the U.S. an excuse to wage war against the Islamic world. In other words, according to these Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Al Qaeda didn’t carry out the attacks, America did.

• The Muslim Brotherhood leadership today opposes violence only when and where the use of violence would be counterproductive and stand in the way of their goals. When they see violence as serving their purposes, they absolutely support violent Jihad.

• The Muslim Brotherhood has been embedding itself in the West for over 50 years with the establishment of front organizations and clandestine groups.

• Muslim Brotherhood charities raise funds in the UK and throughout Europe, at least some of these charities have been implicated in funding terrorism.

In conclusion, the Obama administration stands alone in its close ties with, and support for, an international Jihadist organization that is conducting subversive, seditious activity in the U.S. and the West.

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  • Reta Mae Cherry  On 1 DecpmSat, 26 Dec 2015 13:08:56 -06002015-12-26T13:08:56-06:0001 2009 at 13:08

    These Islamic terrorist people are on a world mission to kill out every religion, except their own. The tyrants of our Federal Government are taking the side of these genocidal maniacs. But, just In case anyone does not know; Islam is a Witchcraft cult, not a religion. We need to become educated on their quran, and see what their belief is, and try to protect our people from these evil monsters. They are supported by the evil powers of darkness and satan the devil himself. The Evil Black Magic Of Islam
    ISIS, alqaeda, Daesh, or whatever name you call these terrorists, makes no difference. IT’S ALL A SICKNESS OF EVIL BLACK MAGIC AND WITCHCRAFT! (And who’s lives are being sacrificed?) Christians, and also the Jews. Liberalism is just a mental disease, and a bridge for the witchcraft evils of ISLAM to cross over to trash beautiful countries. They run through nations, shutting down their history and their cultures, like a bunch of locusts leaving behind nothing but bones. Their blood cries out for justice from the ground.
    Prayers are with our Patriots who are doing what they have to do, as our POTUS forces Invasions of terrorists on us, who get away with pretending to be refugees. Islam is a very deceptive cult. They have a moderate muslim” lower branch of their witchcraft cult, that goes ahead, to countries to forge the way for their jihad, and deceive the people. The “Modern Muslim” crap don’t cut it either. They join our churches and clubs, and pretend to be our friends. They lie to us just like Obama did, when he became POTUS. Thousands of “moderate muslims” celebrated and had parties, when the the WTC came down. Which also proved they only pretended to assimilated themselves to becoming Americans.
    In Islam it is okay to lie to stregthen Islam. Facebook is now working with these people against the free speech of the taxpaying citizens of the United States, to delete anything that offends them, and I understand that I am probably on their death list, and they know where we all are by internet tracking devices. What does it matter about offending We The People, and their plot to overthrow our Government and kill us? Don’t we matter anymore?
    They send their money and donate to their jihad back home. Islam is an evil WITCHCRAFT cult, that sacrifices humans to allah (Satan the devil) by burning people alive, beheading or killing any way they want. They cut off toes, fingers, feet, and the louder you scream the better allah likes it. And NO! Their religion has NOT been hijacked. The quran is the quran. People better start learning from it. It could mean your life! They tie up the man of the house, and force him to watch them gang rape his wife and kids, then they kill them (while he’s watching) then they rape the corpses, then they eat the sacrificed corpses.
    No other cult or tribe has ever been this filthy or vile; not even my ancestors (Native Americans). Islam is more evil and more vile than the hogs and pigs they HATE.



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