Rest in Peace Peter Kassig


Former Army Ranger Peter Kassig has been murdered by the barbaric savages of the Islamic State.

This unfortunate turn of events was certainly not a surprise. The Islamic State doesn’t release hostages. They behead them or crucify them, based on Islamic religious doctrine.

We have viewed the 16-minute propaganda video from the Islamic State. We will not link it here.

The video actually depicts an orchestrated mass beheading, not just the murder of Kassig.

One thing stood out in the video when we were looking at the twenty or so Jihadis doing the beheadings (see image below): There were many different ethnic groups represented.

Clearly, the Islamic State has gathered recruits from Muslims around the world.

This is something we already knew, but there are still many in the West who are in denial about the widespread support for and outright popularity of the Islamic State amongst the umma around the world.



A late report here from The Muslim Issue blog: evidently, one of the Jihadis doing the beheadings was a former medical student from the UK. This is one of a succession of Muslim physicians or medical students who have committed acts of Jihad…


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  • By Islamic State releases video showing beheading of U.S. hostage Kassig - Dr. Rich Swier on 1 NovamMon, 17 Nov 2014 06:53:45 -06002014-11-17T06:53:45-06:0006 2009 at 06:53

    […] Rest in Peace Peter Kassig […]


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    עבודה נדרשת בקנדה

    … עבודה באירופה – הפורטל הגדול ברשת של עבודות בחו"ל בשנים האחרונות הפך העולם הגדול בדרכם אל העושר / אושר. לכן, לא מפליאה העובדה שרבים מתושבי העולם וישראלים ביניהם, רוצים להגר למקום נפלא שכזה… Rest in Peace Peter Kassig | Terror Trends Bulletin…


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