TWA 800 Revisited


This week a new documentary was released on the destruction of TWA Flight 800 17 years ago.

When the final official explanation of the cause of TWA 800’s destruction came out, like most Americans, I accepted it and had no reason to be skeptical, largely because I wasn’t paying particularly close attention.

The new documentary, simply titled TWA Flight 800, combined with another excellent documentary released in 2001 (see below), has made me think twice.

I am not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories and I don’t know that the conclusions reached by the producers is correct (I don’t understand the 3 missile theory illustrated in the documentary), but I do think there are inconsistencies and questionable aspects of the Clinton Administration’s explanation and the methodology employed in the investigation.

The reason this latest documentary is credible and so newsworthy is because members of the original investigation team have come forward to call for re-opening the investigation.

Recent FOIA requests have revealed a few confusing details that were previously unknown as well.

It is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that our Jihadist enemies, who we know were armed with Stinger missiles at the time, attacked us in July 1996, 5 years before 9/11. I’m not ready to declare that to be the case, but there are enough troublesome holes in the official explanation of the destruction of TWA 800 to warrant a more thorough, independent analysis.

Rather than use the FBI, CIA, NTSB and FAA to conduct the investigation, I believe that the investigation should be conducted under the auspices of NASA and the Department of Defense, with a blue ribbon panel of investigators from both the public and private sector. In other words, I believe TWA 800 warrants an independent commission similar to the 9/11 Commission in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Here are a few questions and suspicious items that remain:

• NO planes grounded afterwards for the fuel tank ‘issue’…

Once it was decided that the cause of the destruction of TWA 800 was faulty wiring in the center wing fuel tank, no order was ever issued grounding the other, numerous 747s identical to TWA 800. In fact, no order was ever issued to even inspect the wiring in the center fuel tanks of 747s. All the FAA did was issue a “rule change:”

“The FAA does not believe detailed in-tank inspections of the FQIS components would be effective because the condition of in-tank component or wiring contamination and damage can be difficult to detect while the parts are installed. The agency believes the best approach at this time is to replace the current in-tank FQIS components with new parts, including replacement of silver-plated copper wires with nickel-plated wires.

The FAA is proposing that operators remove and replace FQIS components within 20 years from the date the airplane was manufactured, or within 24 months of publication of the final rule, whichever is later. Nickel-plated wire is much more resistant to corrosion in the presence of sulfur.”

Note the total lack of a sense of urgency surrounding the suspect device claimed to be responsible for the most deadly air disaster in US history. The FAA basically said: “Replace the part when it’s convenient, or next time you have the chance.”

This doesn’t seem like what should be done in the wake of the destruction of a jumbo jet with hundreds of fatalities.

• NO other 747 incident like this before or since.

It is crucial to understand that no other 747, before or since, experienced a problem with the wiring in the center fuel tank. It is also crucial to understand that the official explanation is nothing but a theory, because the federal government was never able to duplicate the circumstances that it said created the explosion.

• Noted eye-witnesses, dismissed outright and never called to testify

 Numerous eye-witnesses reported seeing the same basic thing. Some were even trained military veterans and professional pilots. Nevertheless, they were dismissed and ignored and then misquoted by Clinton-era bureaucrats.

• The ‘splatter pattern’ on the outside of the center fuel tank, and the fact that the seat damage pattern is different from the seat occupant damage pattern are 2 of the key pieces of evidence that support an external explosion.

You must watch the new documentary to understand this revelation, which was not known in 2001 when the first documentary was produced.

The newly available evidence presented in the new documentary (as well as review of the other evidence) is damning and refutes the very premise that there ever was a responsible investigation in the first place.

That leaves the obvious question: if there was a cover-up, why? The most plausible explanation that I have seen is that the Clinton administration may have exerted immense command influence on the investigation to steer it away from pursuing TWA 800 as a terrorist attack. In July 1996, when TWA 800 blew up, Clinton led Senator Bob Dole in the polls by a wide margin. The last thing Clinton needed or wanted was a reported foreign terrorist attack so close to the election. This would not have been the first time Clinton’s team attempted to interfere in such an investigation. There are credible reports that the Clinton administration tried to influence the investigation into the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Moreover, as detailed in the book, The Third Terrorist, the Clinton administration worked to suppress evidence in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

I urge readers to watch the documentary linked below, as well as the older documentary embedded here, and see if you think unanswered questions remain.

The new TWA Flight 800 documentary is available for free by opening a trial with Epix network. All that requires is your zip code and an email address. I did it and have received no spam at all. If you’re nervous, open a new hotmail account and use that address.

It is well worth your time to look at this film:

In addition to the new documentary, I highly recommend another documentary that was produced in 2001: Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice. Here it is:


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  • ML NJ (@ML_NJ)  On 1 JulpmSat, 20 Jul 2013 13:09:23 -06002013-07-20T13:09:23-06:0001 2009 at 13:09

    NASA and/or the DOD (Especially the DOD !) wouldn’t be any better than the other alphabet agencies that have gone before. They’re all government, and if the government is the culprit and/or it doesn’t want the truth to be reveal, another agency isn’t going to reveal it either.

    Investigations in this country were supposed to be conducted by Grand Juries, that is groups of citizens, not government employees.


  • Peter Forster  On 1 JulpmSat, 20 Jul 2013 15:27:12 -06002013-07-20T15:27:12-06:0003 2009 at 15:27

    Interesting comments; however, there was no jihadi exploitation of the event for propaganda purposes to my knowledge. This probably precludes a AQ activity b/c this would have been a major success against the West. However, one might consider a state-sponsored attack similar to PanAm 103 where the perpetrator preferred anonymity.


  • this is strage deal  On 1 MarpmSun, 02 Mar 2014 13:51:03 -06002014-03-02T13:51:03-06:0001 2009 at 13:51

    twa 800 jet was downed for a reason that is for sure but government is not saying the whole thing is a cover up, who was on that jet that needed to die were they all just random killings or was it some left wing group wanting to make a point, all i know is alot of other accidents they found out everything and made a change but this is not sit well with me, they dont know what happened for sure really. i dont believe it at all they know and are covering it up for some reason, could it be money power control, to help some one out, was there war games going on. was there a hit on someone on the jet and they killed everyone to get him, wow what a waste if its for that reason.



  • By End Times Prophecy Headlines: July 25, 2013 | End Times Prophecy Report on 1 JulamThu, 25 Jul 2013 05:39:07 -06002013-07-25T05:39:07-06:0005 2009 at 05:39

    […] TWA 800 Revisited – Another article where the writer insists that he doesn’t “subscribe to conspiracy theories”–and then promptly has to admit the “conspiracy theory” is the more credible explanation; that the government/media’s version of events is baffling. […]


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