Al Qaeda and forest fires

While there is no evidence that the fire currently raging in Colorado was an act of terrorism, or even man-made at all, it is certainly worth reviewing and mentioning that Al Qaeda has repeatedly discussed such action in its literature. Moreover, in Israel, Jihadists have in fact used forest fires as terrorist weapons.

Recently, Al Qaeda’s online magazine, “Inspire,” instructed Al Qaeda followers to set forest fires in the US:

An unclassified report by the Department of Homeland Security indicates Al Qaeda has issued instructions in its terror magazine “Inspire” on how to set wildfires in the United States.

It suggests that using wildfires as a tactic because of its potential for casualties, economic damage, and wide media coverage; and the accompanying psychological effects of fear and terror.

In addition recent posts to English-language violent Islamic extremist Web forums have also encouraged individuals in the United States to start wildfires and given specific instructions on how to do so.

According to the DHS the equipment and materials needed to use fire as a weapon are “common and easily obtainable, making preoperational activities difficult to detect.”

Montana and California are specifically mentioned as ideal targets for wildfires.

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