Contingencies for possible Hezbollah attacks inside the U.S.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s Matthew Levitt recently testified before Congress about possible Hezbollah terrorist attacks inside the US. A link to a summary of his testimony is provided below.

Here are a few particularly salient points from Levitt’s remarks:

• “FBI investigations to date continue to indicate that many Hizballah subjects based in the United States have the capability to attempt terrorist attacks here” should they so desire.

• there is reason for concern that Hizballah could decide to carry out attacks on U.S. soil…

• In light of Hizballah’s perception that the United States is actively targeting it and its allies, Washington should consider how the group might pursue an attack in the homeland. There are four main ways in which Hizballah could use passive sympathizers and/or active networks to support such an operation:

1. Use operatives already in the United States.

2. Import professional operatives.

3. Leverage criminal ties.

4. Homegrown violent extremism.

Read the details at the link:

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