Report: Al Qaeda has sent Jihadist Terrorists to Germany, Britain for Attack

German intelligence has received evidence from the US that Al Qaeda has sent two to four terrorists who were en route to Germany and Britain, the daily Tagesspiegel reported.

Intelligence agents reportedly fear attacks on Christmas markets or similar popular events.

The organizer of the attack is reported to be Mohammed Ilyas Kashmiri, a prominent Al Qaeda leader from Pakistan. Kashmiri is also thought to be behind an attack earlier this year on a German bakery in Pune, India, in which 17 people were killed.

Kashmiri is said to have recruited the Jihadis for the latest planned attacks from the Afghan-Pakistani border area. The terrorists’ identity is not known.

The report indicated that the terrorists planned to travel to Germany and Britain via India and the United Arab Emirates. German police had been checking visa requests at embassies in Pakistan, India and the UAE in recent days.

Mohammad Ilyas Kashmiri

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