Denver Post Sees No Dots to Connect in Article About Anwar Al-Awlaki

Maybe I am being overly dramatic, but the article linked below from the Denver Post reminds me of all the Germans who claimed they had nothing to do with the Nazis when Allied troops moved in to occupy Germany in 1945.

Isn’t it just a tad odd that this guy Anwar Al-Awlaki, who has become an Al Qaeda terrorist mastermind, made no impression at all in his time in Colorado?

No one at the mosques he preached at seems to even remember anything about the guy–except the members who either didn’t like him or never heard him say anything bad or who don’t want their names revealed that is…

Then there’s the statement in the article that all Al-Awlaki’s files had been disposed of 8 years ago. It’s too bad that Bruce Finley of the Denver Post isn’t more curious because 8 years ago is about when Al-Awlaki had been ID’d by the FBI as an Al Qaeda recruiter and fled the country.

Muslim cleric targeted by U.S. made little impression during Colorado years

But there IS more to Al-Awlaki’s time at the Denver mosque than many people remember. I wrote about it a couple of months ago for a blog down in Louisiana…

SOMEONE was saying some things in that Denver mosque that crossed over the line…but no one remembers, and those files got thrown out years ago…

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