An Important Editorial from Investor’s Business Daily: The Taliban’s Shadowy Partners

Despite public proclamations that the Saudis and Pakistanis are our “allies” in the war on “terrorism,” the Pakistani secret intelligence service (ISI) and wealthy Saudis (including members of the Saudi royal family) continue to support the Taliban.

The Paks provide training and safe haven for the Taliban in the city of Quetta, Pakistan and the Sauds bankroll the operation.

This should come as no surprise. Both Saudi Arabia and northern Pakistan are epicenters for Salafi Islam, a particularly violent, intolerant and expansionist strain of the Islamic religion. The Sauds’ strain is known in the West as Wahhabi Islam and the Paks are known as Deobandis.

Both are enemies of the West and particularly the United States and continuing to pretend as if they are friends is not going to help us defeat them…

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