Terrorists sentenced in US for conspiring to attack Americans overseas

Jim Kouri has just posted a new report about a cell of Jihadists in Ohio who have now been sentenced to prison for plotting to attack Americans overseas.

To anyone who has been paying any attention at all, there has been a disturbing increase in the number of Jihadist plots within our borders. This Ohio plot is actually old news and doesn’t fall into the category of the recently uncovered plots, such as those in Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, and elsewhere.

In the case of this Ohio cell, the article linked below exposes some real weaknesses in the “law enforcement” approach to fighting Jihad.

The sentences for these plots seem ridiculously lenient. I am not familiar with how federal sentences work, but if there is even a chance that these enemies of America could be released early based on good behavior or some other mechanism, this is not justice and shows just how stupid the idea of using law enforcement to fight Jihad is. If you plot to commit Jihadist terrorism against the US, you should either be sentenced to death or you should spend the rest of your life making little rocks out of big rocks…

Speaking of death sentences, why in the world weren’t the US citizens involved in this plot not tried and convicted of TREASON?

What should worry us most about this is the old saying attributed to an Irish Republican Army terrorist:

“We only have to get lucky once. You have to be lucky every time.”

How long before one of these Jihadist plots succeeds?

We all owe a huge debt of thanks to our intelligence and law enforcement agencies for holding the line up to this point.


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