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Algeria: Al-Qaeda ‘recruiting’ illegal aliens for attacks

Just like the United States, Europe has a substantial illegal immigration problem. Most illegal aliens are desperate people who are only seeking a better way of life. A few are criminals and, worse by far, Jihadists.

In Italy, Spain and France, many of the illegal aliens are Moroccans and Algerians.

Reports out of Algeria indicate that Al Qaeda is recruiting illegal aliens from areas in Spain, Italy and France.

This has plenty of relevance for America. 

First of all, American diplomatic and economic targets in Europe will be likely targets for Al Qaeda. Second, we have a big illegal alien/border security policy of our own–and it’s not just about poor Mexicans taking jobs from Americans…

Every year, tens of thousands of OTMs–“Other Than Mexicans”–come across our borders. A lot come across from Canada, which is basically the forgotten piece of this entire puzzle. Of those tens of thousands of OTMs, thousands still are “special interest” OTMs.

A special interest OTM is an illegal alien from a nation of terrorism concern, such as state sponsors of terrorism and nations which are known to be breeding grounds for terrorists. A few examples are Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and several others.

This might be the biggest reason to get our arms around our border security problem, something which is unlikely to happen as long as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are in charge in Washington…

Newsweek plays waterboy for the enemy

The hopelessly clueless and biased staff at Newsweek has decided that it’s time we realized that radical Islam is a fact of life and just something we have to learn to live with…


Newsweek: The ultimate dhimmis

Newsweek: The ultimate dhimmis

The whole problem is that many of us will NOT live thanks to “radical” Islam. Like the 241 Marines, sailors and soldiers murdered by Hezbollah in Beirut in 1983, the 19 airmen killed at the Khobar Towers in 1996, the 17 sailors killed on board the USS Cole in 2000 and of course the 3000+ innocent Americans killed on 9/11.

Basically what Newsweek is suggesting is that we adopt John Kerry’s concept of getting back to when terrorism was just a nuisance. Terrorism is a loser for the Left. The only way they can be successful politically is if they can convince Americans that there is no terrorist threat.

But what if we get hit again?

The Newsweek cover is sort of a pre-emptive strike by the Left. They’re telling us that we just need to learn to live with terrorism.

Oh, it’s OK to go after Al Qaeda–but only in a law enforcement/criminal setting, not as a war/enemy setting.

Any by no means are we to do anything to address the underlying doctrines that underpin organizations like Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. 

The Muslim Brotherhood must be dancing…er…the Muslim Brotherhood must be very satisfied with their friends at Newsweek…

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