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Reality from the TV Series “Homeland”

Quinn in Homeland

By Christopher W. Holton

I’m not much on watching television, not even the news. About the only time I watch TV news these days is when there is a breaking major news story, otherwise I get my news online.

I spend even less time watching “entertainment” on television. I have never seen the series “Homeland” on Showtime. But a colleague sent me this short video this morning and I was struck by its accuracy and honesty.

This is a brief clip from the season premier of “Homeland” and it’s important, because, in the clip, a CIA operative “speaks truth to power.”

In the video, the CIA operative explains that the Jihadists’ strategy is based on centuries-old Islamic doctrine to form a Caliphate. He also questions whether or not the US has any real strategy to combat the enemy threat doctrine.

I must warn you, the clip is NOT safe for work as it contains harsh language. But if you are not offended by bad language, I urge you to take two minutes and view this.

And then spread it to your friends and colleagues.

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